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Explore 60 pages of drawings, sketches, doodles, and daydreams in my first ever sketchbook volume!  Inside you will find drawings of wolves and other animal people (anthros), werewolves, dragons, beasts, fantasy critters, characters, and sketches that are often whimsical and humorous!  Plus there are many never-before-seen sketches and drawings!

    * 8.5 X 11 perfect bound
    * Full color soft cover.
    * 66 black and white interior pages
    * Introduction by the artist
    * PG-13 Rating (teens and up)

All sketchbooks are signed by the artist.
You can also choose the personalized version where I will write a personal message of your choice on the inside cover, or the two-word sketch version where you pick two words, and I will do a sketch based on that in the inside cover.

Goldenwolf's Sketchbook - Volume 1

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